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Tesoro Pelle


Tesoro Pelle specialises in overstock and redundant leathers from well known European luxury leather goods brands and the tanneries that supply them.



Redundant and Overstock Leather

Every year well known luxury brands sell their over stock and redundant leathers. The brands often over buy quantity or just did not use the leather. These leathers are perfect in quality and come  from the well known tanneries in France, Italy and Spain.

Some of our leathers come direct from the tanneries supplying the brands. These leathers may be rejected by the brands for being off shade in colour, of maybe too low in grade, however the leather is still perfect for small manufacturers and leather crafters as the the requirements of the brands are very high and defects are usually very minor.

Large and Small Leather Scrap

Large scrap leather is usually the shoulder or belly area of well known leather types such as Togo, Lagun or Swift The brands do not cut these area for various reason.

Small scrap leather and skeleton hides are what is left over after the brand has cut what is needed from the hides.

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