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Sof Suede Lace

Whether you are making jewelry, trimming garments or assembling projects, this is our most popular lace.  Cut from brushed, top grain pigskin, this soft textured suede lace is strong and preferred by jewelry makers.  It is flexible, but not too stretchy. It will keep its width during use.  Available in a wide variety of colors, the suede leather lace is also offered in different sizes. Sizes include: 1/8" x 2-yds, 1/8" x 25-yds, 3/32" x 2-yds, 3/32" x 50'.  

Supreme Leather Lace

When quality is your first interest, our Goatskin Supreme lace is a top choice. Cut from strong, non-stretch, veg-tanned goatskin, this lace is flexible and consistently shaped offering the quality you will want for your leather projects. It can be left natural or dyed to coordinate with your color scheme. Edges can be beveled for braiding. 


Deerskin Lace

Nothing feels better and is more reliable than deerskin, which is why this soft textured lace is preferred by jewelry and leather product makers around the world. Cut from North American whitetail deer hides, this 2 to 3 oz. leather lace is lightweight yet strong; flexible, yet offers enough stretch for workability. Our deerskin lace can be tapered to a very fine point for beading, it braids easily and is commonly used for finely finished garments, smaller projects, jewelry, and home decor items.

Calf Leather Lace

This premium calfskin lace is the best choice for your finest leather projects. Our calfskin lace features a tight grain and a smooth glazed surface for beauty. It is precision cut and formed to maintain a slightly domed appearance - the desired shape for quality workability.