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WUTA Leather Edge Beveler

WUTA Leather Edge Beveler


Material:High carbon steel + solid wood. 135mm,(5.31") long.

Manufacture process: Quenching treatment. Sharp and smooth



No.1  0.8mm wide beveller, works better for 1.0-2.0mm thick leather 

No.2  1.0mm wide beveller,works better for 1.6-2.6mm thick leather 

No.3  1.2mm wide beveller, works better for 2.2-3.2mm thick leather 

No.4    1.4mm wide beveller, works better for 2.8-4mm thick leather 


Bevels and rounds off edges of leather. Available in 4 sizes. The larger the number, the wider the beveller.


  • Grooves on both sides to create a better angle on edges. 
  • Special design for a comfortable grip.

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