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Waxy Commander | 1.4/1.6mm | CF Stead

Waxy Commander | 1.4/1.6mm | CF Stead


Waxy Commander

Thickness: 1.4/1.6mm

Size: 12sqft+


This is a rugged fashion leather, with a character all of its own. An original tannage, which is designed to shrink the fibre structure by up to 25%, in order to create an appearance which after impregnation with a blend of waxes is unique. The tight fibre structure prevents any ‘opening’ or stretching over the toe, and the traditional, rich dyeings work with the waxes during wear, to produce a wonderful combination of natural texture and colour. Fully waterproof and Gore-Tex compatible.


Origin: United Kingdom

Uses: Footwear and Bags

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