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Ostrich Leg Shin Leather Nicotine Brown

Ostrich Leg Leather | Stonewash | Nicotine


Vintage nubuk finish known as stonewash ostrich leg leather.


Finish: Stonewash

Thickness: 1.0/1.2mm

Grade: 1/2


Length : 45cm+

Width: 10cm+

  • About Ostrich Leg Skin

    Ostrich leg skins have a characteristic metatarsal scale that distinguishes it very easily from the quilled body skin. This unique leather first gained popularity in the production of smaller or panelled handbags, wallets, belts and accessories. The past 15 years have seen ostrich leg leather gain ground in the luxury interior design market. Designers join different panels to create larger objects, or the panels are combined with ostrich feathers or other materials to create unique and fashionable pieces. The full ostrich leg skin measures approximately 80-100mm wide and 300-400 mm in length.

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