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Burgundy Latigo Leather

Latigo Leather | Burgundy | Chahin Leather


ChahinLeather™ latigo is produced using a chrome tannage followed by a vegetable re-tan for maximum durability. This double process tanning method gives the leather tensile strength and water resistance while maintaining the look and feel of vegetable tanned leather. After the tanning process is complete, the leather is drum dyed for uniform coloring. The edges of our latigo can be burnished due to the vegetable re-tan. This leather is strong and is able to withstand the elements yet flexible and supple.


Products: Dog collars, leashes, tie straps, saddle strings, utility belts, reins, headstalls.



Average square feet: 22-24

Gauged: Butt

Hide Type: Jumbo Heavy Native Steer


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