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Hermann Oak Natural Strap Tooling Leather

Hermann Oak | Natural Tooling Strap Leather


Hermann Oak Natural Strap Tooling Leather.


Feel: Medium Firm

Colour: Natural Veg Tan

Thickness: 1.4/1.6mm or 2.0/2.4mm

Grade: A/B

Size: 22sqft


  • Tools, stamps, carves and molds like butter!
  • Split to thickness, ensuring precise, consistent splitting to just the right thickness
  • Traditional Old World tannage using natural tannins



  • About Hermann Oak

    Since 1881 Hermann Oak has been tanning their tradiational strap and harness leather in St Louis MO. They use the centuries old method of of vegetable tanning. Hermann Oak leathers are well know for the tooling and forming ability.

  • About Hermann Oak Strap / Toolling Leather

    The clean strong open tannage offers the strap or belt maker the ability to dye or to carve crisply according to whatever design he imagines.  All this while retaining the full grain genuine leather-look and with minimum stretch or distortion.  And because it is veg-tanned, this leather will "edge burnish" far better than other tannages.

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