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Genuine Bone Folder | Takumi Tools

Genuine Bone Folder | Takumi Tools


Genuine Bone Folder


Size: 150mm x 20mm / 6" x 0.8"

Made from Ox Bone

Made in China

  • About Bone Folders

    A bone folder is a tool often used in leather craft and paper crafts such as bookbinding, Japanese origami (artistic paper folding), scrap-booking, and card-making. A classic, 'proper' bone folder is carved from real animal bone which is an ideal material for paper crafts because it is sturdy, smooth and grainless unlike the lesser quality plastic or wooden types. Available in various shapes and sizes, it may have rounded ends or a pointed end for working in corners.

    There are a number of uses for a bone folder, including folding creases, burnishing decorative papers and scoring paper stock. Many crafters use a bone folder as a means of giving a folded page a more professional-looking crease. The friction between a finger and paper may create problems over time, but a bone folder's smooth surface can be drawn across the fold time and time again. The bone material allows the crafter to apply constant pressure while finishing a crease.

    Another function of a bone folder is called burnishing. The bone folder's smooth finish imparts a glossiness or shininess to paper as it is drawn across a fold or crease. Burnished decorative papers often present a more professional finish than unburnished papers. A bone folder acts much like a polishing stone, smoothing out the paper's fibers and creating a more defined fold.

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