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Japanese Tool | French Edger | Takumi Tool

Japanese Tool | French Edger | Takumi Tool


French Edger by Takumi ToolJCraft 


3 Sizes available

Includes polishing compoud and water resistant paer for sharpening the blade.


① Using tool steel, tempered whole tool, black coating prevents rust.

② Our artisan sharpens the blades on a one by one basis and tests them on leather sheets, to make sure that it cuts very well.

③ Engraving the size number and “MADE IN JAPAN” are on the each side of the tool.

④ The French Edger has 3 variations of blade. The narrow blade width ( FE-1 ) has the lesser resistance so it’s easier to skive leather and resharpen the blade.

⑤ please use attached water-resistant paper as a last-resort when the tool doesn’t cut well.

⑥ About attached Polishing compound, please use this when you feel dullness of the blade.
*Basically, it’s enough to resharpen the blade with the above process ( using polishing compound ).

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