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Eco Stick 1816B | Water Based Adhesive For Leather

Eco Stick 1816B | Water Based Adhesive For Leather


Important Note: We do not ship this glue internationally. Only available in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Intercom is the leader in adhesives and gluing devices for leather goods and shoe factories. Ecostick 1816B is a water-based adhesive with the highest strength performance. This premium Italian glue is ideal for coupling leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers, cardboards. Ideal for gluing PVC, EVA, nylon and ready made rubbers. Ideal for gluing greasy leather with presence of grease up to 15%.


>> Does not stiffen the leather
>> Remains transparent, does not become yellow
>> Odorless

  • Instructions For Use

    Instructions for use
    Apply ECOSTICK® 1816B on both sides. Let it dry. To work without preheating the adhesive, couple both sides within 20 minutes after drying and press. Otherwise, if this time is exceeded, reactivate at a 60°-70°, couple and press. The adhesive can be applied on one side to couple leather with textiles, moltoprene, foam rubber: apply plenty of ECOSTICK® 1816B on leather or on material not so absorbing and couple immediately.

    Open Time
    Cold bonding: up to 20 min. after the adhesive is dried. Reactivation by heating: within 48 hours.

  • Which Glue

    • 1816B: High Strength: 1816B is used for permanent bonding on a wide majority of materials (leathers of various type, all the types of reinforcements, etc). It can be used in applications that do not require sewing (bag panels without stitching, credit card pocket of wallets, handle of bags, stitchless uppers in sandal or casual shoes, stitchless straps, belts, bracelets, etc).

    • 9015ST: Medium Strength: 9015ST can work for auxiliary bonding on critical materials (plastics, etc), as it has a good anchoring on all types of substrates; but in some cases it can make also a permanent bonding (on cardboard reinforcements, genuine leather with no high content of oils).

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