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Diamond Hole Punch | 4mm | Takumi Tools

Diamond Hole Punch | 4mm | Takumi Tools


Japanese Diamond Hole Punch for Leathercraft by Takumi Tool. Used for hand sewing leather projects.

①The whole tool is tempered so there’s no bent or deformed tool. Black coating prevents rust.

②The tool’s blade is sharpened and ground on a one by one basis so there’s no damage on the leather sheet when you pull off the punching tool from it. The blade part is covered with resin to protect it.

③We make the blade angle as sharp as possible so the hole shape can be much narrower and make the seam beautiful and clean.

④Knurling the body part makes it nonslip so as to get easier grip to work with.

⑤Engraving the size(space between prongs) and “MADE IN JAPAN”.


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