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Dainite Rubber Soles

Dainite Rubber Soles


Dainite Studded Rubber Sole and Heel units in pairs for Shoemaking and Repair.


These are the world famous Dainite studded rubber sole and heel units. These are non marking soles. They are reinforced with Silica and Aluminium silicate which are non marking and coloured as in either black or brown.


You will receive 1 pair of sole with  1 pair of heel/top piece in matching size.


All dainite rubber sole and heels are made in the UK.


Please note we can adjust heel sizes to your requirement, please message us for detail.


Sizes as follows


UK Sizes 

6 (matching heel 3 1/2)

7 (matching heel 3 1/2)

8 (matching heel 3 5/8)

9 (matching heel 3 5/8)

10 (matching heel 3 5/8)

11 (matching heel 3 7/8)

12 (matching heel 3 7/8)

13/14 (matching heel 3 7/8)


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