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Chevre Diderot | Gold Metallic | Alran

Chevre Diderot | Gold Metallic | Alran


Article: Fat Nat 

Tannery: Alran 

Thickness: 1.2/1.4mm

Feel: Medium

Tannage: Full Vegetable

Hide Size: 0.45sqm+ 5sqft+`

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  • About Diderot

    Diderot is a fully veg tanned Chevre (Goat) Leather. It is tanned using a multi stage process using traditional tecniques.

    Diderot is fully dyed through in black aniline dye. The grain is hand worked using chagrin process to make the grain pattern more prominent and dimesional. The surface of diderot is then tipped with a metallic.

  • About Alran

    Established in 1903 in the South of France and set in the beautiful surroundings of the " Montagne Noire " (the black mountains) and its deep forest, the tannery Alran S.A.S. has developed a vast expertise in the tanning and tawing of goat, calf and buffalo skins and hides.

    With passion and flair, our team produces products for the leather, upholstery, book binding, shoe and other related industries. They are supply leather to the most prestigious leather goods brands and famous manufacturers, independent artisans and young designers who share our deep passion for leather.

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