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BeLeaf | Bordeaux

BeLeaf | Bordeaux


BeLeaf is a vegan friendly leather alternative.

The leaf used is the elephant ear leaf from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil

Feel: Medium Soft

Backing: Beige Linen

Thickness: 0.5/0.6mm


A vegan material, with characteristics similar to leather, which breathes.​beLEAF™ is the most innovative and eco-friendly material ever created.​This product of natural and renewable origin is surprisingly comfortable and resistant.The leaves are collected in sustainable areas and planted together with reforestation farms.​In addition to requiring little of the environment compared to traditional materials, beLEAF™ also eliminates the carbon footprint of its production.​Reforestation practice provides O2 to the atmosphere. In addition, organic wastes are composted and used as soil nutrients, helping to preserve the biome, wildlife and waterways.


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