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Beaver Tail Leather | Red

Beaver Tail Leather | Red


Beaver tail leather has a truly unique grain pattern perfect for small leathergoods and accessories.


Thickness: Range 0.5mm/2.0mm

Feel: Medium Firm

Width: 3”-5” / 9cm-15cm


Beaver tails are sustainably sourced across the United States by registered trappers.


  • About Beaver Tails

    Genuine beaver tails have a rich smooth texture and an incredibly unique exotic pattern that is ideal for fine leather work, western boots, and small accessories. The Great North American Beaver's diet of wood, has over thousands of years, created a natural barrier to bite marks and scratches, much like the American alligator. The naturally water resistant leather is delightful to work with and is soft to the touch. Their handsome characteristics, decadent texture, and supreme durability are unique only to this species and make beautiful collections. 

    Our beaver tails are sustainably sourced across the United States by registered trappers. Our chrome tanned beaver tails range in size, but are generally between 3" and 5" wide and 2.0mm thick. We can hand select tails for any size project. Custom color options and sizes and volume pricing is available upon request. 

  • Beaver Tail Sizes

    Beaver Tails are 3" / 9cm - 5" /15cm in width


    Extra Small: Below 8" / 20cm

    Small :8" / 20cm

    Medium: 9" / 23cm

    Large: 10" / 25.5cm

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