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Baranil Foulonne Fauve from Tannerie Degermann

Baranil Foulonne | Fauve | Tanneries Degermann


Thickness: 2.0mm / 5oz

Feel: Medium Soft

Size: 12/14sqft

Type: Side




  • About Baranil

    Baranil Foulonne is a premium calf leather from Tanneries Degermann in France. It has an aniline finish that holds up well to being worked. This is a heavily oiled leather and over time if left will devlop a light wax layer on the surface that will polish away with use. Foulonne refers to the drumming of the leather to soften it and provide the gtrain with character and dimension.

  • About Tannerie Degermann

    Located in Alsace in Barr, a region in the heart of Europe bordering Luxembourg to the north, Germany to the east and Switzerland to the south. The Tannerie Degermann is located at the crossroads of Europe.

    The origin of the Tannerie Degermann in Barr charming little picturesque town in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards 35 kilometers south of Strasbourg dates back to the 19 th century. An unbroken line of tanners from Gustave the founder to Nicolas, the current leader has been able to transmit passion, values and know-how until today.

    The tannery specialises in calf leather. Producing both smooth and printed calf leathers. Advanced techniques, process qualities, organization, continuous improvement of the products in the respect of the leather tradition are the priorities.

    The long tradition of the leather trades in the Barr area, allows for a competent, motivated and knowledgeable staff.

    With its team of passionate craftsmen, the tannery has developed a range of products aimed at manufacturers of footwear, leather goods, wristwatches, upholstery, furniture and clothing.

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