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Arapaima Leather | Cacao Matte

Arapaima Leather | Cacao Matte


The Arapaima is a giant fish native to the Amazon.


The arapaima or as its sometimes know the pirarucu are both wild caught farm raised. This particular skin is farm raised and is considered a small skin.


Size: Approx 3-4sqft

Thickness: 1.4/1.6mm 

Length: Top to Bottom: 80cm 

Width: 40cm

Finish: Matte

  • About:

    From shoes to handbags, from accessories to clothes. From furniture to interior designs. It is hard to believe that the skin of this giant Amazonian fish can provide such soft and resilient material.

    After years of investment and research, what used to be discharged into nature as waste (fish is widely used as food) is transformed into a luxurious organic product.

    The complete practice of sustainable management is controlled by the Brazilian regulators (IBAMA *), helping to sustain and develop communities that fish on regulated farms.

    The skin of pirarucu fish is able to build a complete sustainable cycle in the industry, protecting the forests, wildlife and people who depend on them.

    * Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources

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