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C.T. Point

 C.T. Point is an Italian company leader in the production of braided, twisted and high tenacity monofilament yarns in polyester and nylon for footwear, luxury leather goods, furniture and upholstery and other technical sectors.

SLAM Thread

Waxed braided thread for hand sewing Leathergoods  Also suitable for sewing uppers of tubular or fake moccasins, for sealing, bartacks or decoration of shoes, welts, suitcases and sails.

Popular for macrame

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100% high strength continuous polyester thread
Twisted three-ply yarn for machine stitching, sealing and decorative stitching, on footwear, leather goods, furnishings and technical uses.


Over 100 Colours in Stock 


Metallic sewing thread.
Metallic twisted yarn for fashionable, highly decorative seams. Ensures good hold on leather and fabric.


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